Enjoy Adventure Travel with Food Allergies

Seems like an attractive idea. But for those with food allergies, some of the natural responses are:

  • I have so many challenges with daily life - adventure travel is too far out of reach
  • I would love to get outdoors, but I just don’t know how to begin
  • That sounds hard, strenuous, and dangerous. Isn’t that just for those explorer types?

As a food allergy family, with a member who has multiple life threatening food allergies (milk, eggs, nuts, gluten and shell-fish), we understand and appreciate these feelings!

As an outdoor loving family, we do not want the unfamiliar and the unknown to limit the enjoyment that comes from adventure travel.

Food allergies and adventure travel

Adventure travel such as hiking, backpacking, trekking, mountain biking and others do pose unique challenges.

It requires traveling to unfamiliar and potentially remote locations of staggering beauty and soul-filling solitude without ready access to familiar support systems.

It requires planning and packing your food in, as well as preparing high energy food that balances allergy concerns, weight and preparation techniques.

But the interesting thing is that a lot of the same approaches and techniques we use for day to day allergy management can be adapted to adventure travel.

And that opens up a spectacular world of mountains, lakes and rivers and natural beauty to us all.

You are not alone

We created SafeBites to help and enable those who have food allergies with proven strategies and resources to enjoy outdoors adventure.

We are passionate about adventure travel and have a hard-won, personal, and realistic appreciation of food allergy management.

We are constantly seeking out tips, techniques, and tools from those who have blazed the trail - so you don’t have to!

Bi-weekly, we deliver only the best selections regarding travel, food and gear by e-mail. Here is what you can expect:

  • Answers to questions that you, and we, need in order to have safe and enjoyable adventure travels.
  • Interviews with the doers and the experts to learn the strategies, tactics and techniques they use and recommend.
  • The organizations, resources, gear and service providers that can help make adventure travel with food allergies easier.

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Anil John
Founder and Curator

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