How to Be Comfortable on the Trail – These 3 Simple Ways

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When it comes to packing for a backcountry backpacking or hiking adventure, a well thought out packing list is critical to your safety and comfort on the trail.

At the same time, you will find that experienced backcountry hikers and guides tend to tweak their packing list in unique ways to maximize comfort without paying for it in undue weight - the backcountry version of value vs. price.

The following are recommendations given by experienced guides and hikers that, when incorporated into a packing list, makes the journey much more comfortable:

  • Sit-upon pad: I still remember the guide on the first backpacking trip I went on handing out a closed cell foam pad to everyone in the group, and how comfortable it made sitting on everything from the ground to rocks to tree stumps.  Since that time I've starting bringing my own, and it has been a source of comfort to me and envious looks from others lacking one.
  • Crocs: Yes, crocs! They are not exactly a fashion statement, but they are light-weight, comfortable and waterproof. Which means they can protect your feet during stream crossings when you need to take off your hiking boots, and are comfortable to wear as camp shoes after a long day of hiking on the trail.
  • Daypack: Bringing along a smaller daypack allows you make quick day trips from your base-camp without carrying your entire backpack. And having a daypack that can double as a stuff sack allows you to not waste space or carry un-needed weight on the trail.

Sometimes it is the small changes you make to your gear that tips the trip from enjoyable to fun!

SafeBites » Travel

Whether you are a kid or an adult, a beginning adventure traveler or an experienced one, the National Parks in the U.S. continue to be one the best places to enjoy the great outdoors with the family.

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It is a sad reality that sometimes foods that we are allergic to are made of ingredients that go by many different names. FARE's Food Allergy Field Guide has a nice section that provides a listing of the ingredients to watch for regarding the various food allergens.

» The Gluten free travel blog has a nice article on the food to pack for a weekend trip. Some of the suggestions could very well be adopted for an adventure trip as well.

SafeBites » Gear

It is an article of faith that when things break down, they do so at the worst possible moment. So knowing how to make repairs on the go to camping and hiking equipment is a necessary skill to have.

» Backpacker magazine's Complete Guide to Outdoor Gear Maintenance and Repair is a great resource.

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Hope you enjoyed this journal entry... Don't you want your friends and family to be comfortable? Yes? Forward this email to them now, and they will thank you... Really!

Anil John
Founder and Curator

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